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LightGuard Headlight Protectors

You know how expensive spare parts can cost for your bike. Why not shell out a bit of cash now as insurance against replacing a headlight later? A Ventura LightGuard will cost you a fraction of the replacement cost for a new headlight.

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Ventura's affordable and attractive LightGuards are made from impact resistant, space age Zykalon CS™ material, and actually do look very nice. Once again, they are tailored for a good fit on your model bike.

If you are purchasing a Ventura Bike-Pack System kit, why not go the whole hog and protect your headlights as well? As they say, you can never have enough protection...

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Ventura LightGuard


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Please note that pricing is indicative only and applies only to local Australian purchases. Prices are subject to change without notice.

LightGuard headlight protectors are extremely competitively priced, often less than 10% the price of replacement headlights. Retail prices range from AU$40.00 to AU$65.00.