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Motorcycle Locks are serious business - it's our business.

Until NOW there has been no major advance in motorcycle immobilization in over 35 years.
The RoadLok mission is to design innovative locking systems for serious riders.
No more locking your motorcycle with a padlock and a reminder cord.....that's for beginners.
When serious riders want to lock their bikes the safest and smartest way possible, they use a RoadLoK.
Keep reading to find out why thousands of riders trust ROADLOKTM Security Systems.


It has been said that the best ideas are born from necessity. In 2005 the founders watched as a rider began to ride away without removing a disc lock from their rotor - the idea for a better way to lock a motorcycle was born.
Why would a rider put a padlock on a rotor? The idea of preventing a motorcycle from being rolled away is nothing new. Today over 55,000 motorcycles are stolen per year in America alone. Over 72% of those motorcycles are simply rolled away. When it comes to preventing movement of your motorcycle there is no safer and smarter way than with a RoadLoK System. Not only do smart riders use ROADLOKTM, manufacturers like Aprilia and KTM trust our innovative design, as well. Designing safe and secure locks is the philosophy.

A Better Mouse Trap

The RoadLoK is the first, and only, lock designed to immobilize a motorcycle without any potential for damage if forgotten in the locked position before riding. The concept is simple: the lock is installed on the caliper of the motorcycle and stays there. Because the lock is installed on the caliper, there is no movement when the spring loaded pin is engaged through a rotor hole.
No movement = no damage. Its that simple. Imagine trying to ride your motorcycle with the front brake on. The motorcycle will not move...not even one cm.

No Movement!

When a motorcycle is locked with the RoadLoK it cannot move. Not even 1 cm. There is not other lock on the market that can claim that.

No Storage!

The RoadLoK is installed on the caliper and stays there. Nothing to carry, nothing to remember.

Peace of Mind!

The RoadLoK protects the fender and rotor from potential damage caused by the rider and thief in the attempt to move it.


Riders may have insurance, but most riders agree that the theft of a beloved motorcycle leaves a feeling of violation. Prevent feeling violated, lock first.

Tested to Perform

You wouldn't put tires on your motorcycle that weren't tested to perform, so why would you put a lock on your rotor that wasn't tested to perform?
When we set out to make the world's best locking system we knew that we were writing the book on testing procedures from scratch. The idea of testing a lock against picking and shock attacks is only a portion of the necessary tests. Our locks are tested for security against pick and drill attacks along with performance interference of the motorcycle braking system, interactions with the rotor surface and environment conditions. Our locks are tested to withstand 200 hours of a saline salt water spray test alone. Try that with any other ordinary disc lock!
Example testing procedures for ROADLOKTM XRA, XDA and XGC locking systems:

Torque Load Testing.
XDA for Harley-Davidson test for effect on fork mounting points.

Pry Testing.
XRC for Suzuki back plate pry testing to approx. 3500 lbs.

Salt Water Saline Spray Test.
200 hour saline exposure testing on body, lock cylinder and mounting hardware. Equivalent to 15 years of environmental exposure.

Do We have one to suit your model motorcycle?

The RoadLok system covers many makes and model of motorcycle. Check for your model in application guide on this page RoadLok Applications and Model fitment list
95% of RoadLok models are $349.00 RRP AUD.


How is the RoadLoK different to a regular disc lock? The RoadLoK is installed on your motorcycle brakes. Some systems are installed on the back of your caliper and some are installed in between your caliper and fork. To lock your wheel a pin is inserted into the RoadLoK. The pin is what locks the rotor from moving. Because the RoadLoK is permanently installed it cannot damage your motorcycle in any way. A disc lock is removable and is placed loose on your rotor when you want to lock up. When you ride a disc lock has to be stored either on the rider or in a trunk.

Can't I just remove the bolts that hold the RoadLoK on the bike to defeat it? The bolts we use to hold the RoadLoK on your fork are standard OE grade bolts. If the bolts are removed while the RoadLoK is in the locked position (meaning the BrakeBolt pin is inserted) the RoadLoK is still locked to the rotor like any other lock. The bolts just hold the RoadLoK in place, the lock itself is physically locked to your rotor and can only be removed with the key.

What happens if I forget to remove the pin before I ride? Nothing! The RoadLoK is specifically designed to prevent any damage to your motorcycle or hurt you, the rider. Because of the design of our systems, movement is eliminated and therefore you cannot damage your rotor, fender or caliper. Imagine holding your front brake and releasing your clutch. Your engine will stall. This is exactly how the RoadLoK works.

Does the RoadLoK interfere with my Anti-Lock Braking system? (ABS) No. The RoadLoK is designed to work with both non-ABS and ABS braking systems. If our systems interfere in any way with OE braking components we do not sell them.

What happens if I lose both of my keys? When you get your new RoadLoK system you should register it before you remove the key cylinder seal. Register here. If you do not register your system and you lose your keys call Kenma on (02)9484-0777. Please make sure to have your receipt and proof of purchase.

What happens if I lose my pin? You can order a replacement pin online or visit your local dealership for one. All of our systems use the same pin.

What is the warranty on my system? RoadLoK XDA / XRA / XGC and XRC have a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the lock body, pin and the key cylinder. Chrome plating is guaranteed for two years. If you have a chrome warranty and there is not a RoadLoK logo on the front of your lock, call us at Kenma to learn more about your chrome warranty.

How do I install my new RoadLoK? All RoadLoK systems can be installed by riders with general mechanical knowledge. You must use a torque wrench to apply the proper amount of torque when replacing bolts holding your calipers. Instructions for system installation can be found here. If you have any questions about installing your RoadLoK, call Kenma on (02)9484-0777. Alternatley any certified motorcycle dealership or shop can install RoadLoK systems.

My motorcycle does not have the OEM rotors / calipers. Will a RoadLoK fit? Our systems are designed to work with OEM braking systems. We do not guarantee proper fit when anything other than original braking components are used. If your new system does not work correctly please fill out an RMA request here to return your system within 30 days.

My brakes lines look tight or do not allow enough slack for installation. All systems are designed to work with OE braking components. Some models may require the installation of a longer brake line to be properly installed. See our RoadLok Applications and Model fitment list Motorcycles where brake lines are known to be tight or require modifications are clearly noted. There are some motorcycles that have enough brake line when a special spacer is used during installation. These models are noted in our internal system. There are some motorcycles with known brake line issues that will not appear in the model list. If you are looking for a RoadLoK and you know your lines are short but you still want a RoadLoK, call us at Kenma as we can easily supply Venhill Powerhose Plus Stainless Brake Lines if required. If your brake line is not allowing your RoadLoK to be installed and you do not want to buy a longer brake line return your system to where it was purchased within 30 days.

How are your systems tested? All of our RoadLoK systems are thoroughly tested to conform to OEM standards of your motorcycle. Our systems have been tested by OEM manufacturers, A2LA certified independent test labs and insurance companies both domestic and international. We test our metals and design for strength in protecting your motorcycle from roll away theft and we test our systems for interference with OE braking components. If our systems do not meet the requirements for the model motorcycle being fitted, we do not sell them. Systems sold in Europe and the United Kingdom are tested by Thatcham for security.

How do I maintain my lock cylinder? Our locks are designed for outdoor use and all use a high quality lock cylinder that requires little maintenance. For best results clean your lock cylinder every 3 months by using compressed air and water directly into the key hole. Lubrication is NOT necessary. If your lock cylinder is becoming tough to operate, call us at Kenma.

The pin is difficult to pull out sometimes. (when key is turned completely clockwise) The RoadLoK system uses a steel pin that goes through your rotor hole to prevent movement in either direction. Because of this, pressure on the pin by the rotor can create resistance when removing the pin. To assist in removal, after key is turned clockwise, remove pressure by either lightly pushing or pulling on your fork or wheel. The pin will pop out. If you are parked on a hill this will be more noticeable. This is normal due to the design. Remember to keep your kickstand fully extended when removing your pin for safety.

When I insert my pin and roll my bike to engage the lock the bike continues to roll. (there may be a faint clicking noise, but the lock does not fully engage) On motorcycles that use an axial mount caliper routine adjustment may be necessary. This is normal. Most motorcycles use floating rotors to increase braking performance and because of this the hole in the RoadLoK and the rotor hole may not align exactly. You can adjust your RoadLoK pin by loosening the mounting bolts holding the RoadLoK to your fork and inserting the pin to engage the rotor. Roll your motorcycle until the pin fully engages and torque your bolts back into place. This will align your lock. In cases where alignment is necessary more than once a riding season, visit your local dealer to check the pressure of the button holding your rotor to the carrier.